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A day in Barbagia

Enjoy a full day in Barbagia visting two of the most facinating villages in teh heart of Sardinia Mamoiada and Orgosolo.
A whole day with an expert guide learnign about traditions, cultures and tasting the traditioanl meals of this island.

Bacco and the Tastes’ sins

Visit the Museum of Mediterranean Masks
A Cultural Journey amongst the most representative
Masks of the Carnival in Barbagia witness of an ancient Dionysian rite.

The Artisans’ Workshop
Stop at the artisans’ workshops,
and witness the strong beat
of their hands as they work the tools

Aperitif in the Wine Shops of Su Cannonau
Visit to the antique wine shops
where you can smell AND TASTE
the aroma of Su Cannonau, nectar of the Gods.

Tipical Sardinian Lunch
Traditional lunch in a beautiful traditional restaurant where you will enjoy a Typical Sardinian lunch accompanied by the strong taste of the Cannonau wine and the unique fragrance of Su Pane Carasau.
(*Menu’:Mix of Sardinian cold cutters,olives, pickle onion, cherry tomatoes with frughe, Maccarrones de busa with fresh tomatoes sauce, and salted ricotta, Ravioli with cheese, tomato and basil, Roasted Pork, Lamb Stew, Potatoes “Al verde” and salad, Pecorino or Seada , water and wine, Coffee)
*the menu may change depending on the seasons.

Visit the Archaeological Sites
Amongst the concentric circles of Sa Perda Pintà…..
Magical spirals, eternal incisions and burial chambers

Visit The Murals of Orgosolo
A few Kilometres from Mamoiada
a stunning exhibition of MURALES,
painted in the walls of the village
telling stories of rebellion and traditions.

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