Cultural and gastronomic Itineraries

Mamoiada is a pleasant and tranquil small town; it has become famous throughout the world for its masks Mamuthones and Issohadores. Also impressing S’Istranzu (the visitor) is the towns’ renowned reputation for its exclusive hospitality and the old traditions.
Gastronomic itineraries exist through the village, where local people ritually make the bread, the cheese, and sweets to original and authentic forms. Visit to the antique wine shops where you can smell the aroma of Su Cannonau, nectar of the Gods. Stop at the artisans’ workshops, and witness the strong beat of their hands as they work the tools: mastros de linna e mastros erreris (joiners and blacksmiths).





Visit the Museum of Mediteranean Masks of Mamoiada

“The Mamuthones’ parade is a solemn ceremony, both as a procession, and also as a dance”.
(R. Marchi)A cultural journey amongst the most representative masks of the Carnival in Barbagia, witness an ancient Dionysian rite, full of wild and mystic meaning.
Emblems and eternal symbols
of linked communities inspired by Dionysius and the cult of the seasons.









Archeological itineraries: between History and legend

The Nuraghe of Monte Juradu, fierce guardians of the mountains, gazing at the stunning meadows of the village, where the Perdas Longas (standing stones or Menhirs) alternate with the mysterious “Houses of the Fairies”, Sas Domus de Janas.
Archaeological itineraries amongst the concentric circles of Sa Perda Pintà, is the lonely carved stone of Boeli, which represents the soul of past times and the story of far off civilisations, the Celts.




Naturalistic and sightseeing excursions,
to the trekking lovers

Whether it is ecological walking, trekking or with a mountain bike, to discover the slow rhythms of the shepherds and exploring an extraordinary and eternal place where the nature of the countryside is still uncultivated. The paths of the Shepherds bring to us an undiscovered scenery, where their work becomes an art: shearing and milking are increasingly rare skills and harvesting becomes an extraordinary craft. From here discover the unique and strong taste of the pecorino and ricotta (typical Sardinian cheeses) the astonishing fragrance of Su Cannonau. Experience the living countryside: whole days spent in the shepherds’ houses, Su ‘Uvile, and enjoy traditional Sardinian lunch with them.





Around Mamoiada:Murales of Orgosolo

Just few kilometres from Mamoiada are stunning cultural treasures impressed forever in the memories: the famous Murals which decorate the houses in the centre of Orgosolo.
A kind of a picture book, with images of real situations, suffering, oppression, and the struggle of the Sardinian people and all the as with many oppressed peoples of the world.






The mountain of Badde e’Salighes

Not only culture and traditions, but also several unique excursions for those who love the mountains and the adventure.
The waterfall of Mularza Noa, the springs of Ortachis and the secret paths of the mountains: from Nuradurzu to Punta Palai (1.200 Mt.). Several archaeological sites and mysterious Nuraghes: Sos Pabatto’los, Titirriola, Funtanasidda, houses of stones where the time is only an illusion.
To the historic memory of Bolotana, belongs the figure of the Welsh engineer Benjaming Piercy, and his residence, the stunning villa Piercy, situated in the heart of Badde ‘e Salihges. The villa is surrounded by ancient plants and trees that derive from all over the world.


















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